The Tears of a Woman by Tansy Boggon

Jenni knows there is more to life than what you weigh. She has come to accept and care for her body without the expectation of weight loss. She eats, moves and lives to feel her most energetic and alive. Yet when she fails to conceive, Jenni begins to wonder if her body is the problem. Jenni encounters weight bias as she investigates why she isn't conceiving, which causes her to doubt herself.

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Mannequin by Stefan Plesoianu

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Chris sometimes does ‘cleaning jobs’ with BONE, a high school friend turned mobster. Wanting to teach Chris how to fire a gun, Bone takes him to a nearby forest where they use two mannequins as targets. One of them remains intact, so Chris brings it home at his friend’s request, but the mannequin’s unholy presence grows and begins to torment him.

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Tessa Goes Down by Jason Bovberg

Tessa Goes Down begins as a breakneck border noir and becomes a sweaty, sexy, chaotic road trip through Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico—a ferocious ride punctuated by kidnappings, close calls, cliffhangers, and hell-for-leather sleuthing. Sit back as Tessa and Floyd tell their respective tales—and hurtle toward a soul-shattering shock ending.

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Loser Baby by Jason Bovberg

LOSER BABY is a propulsive blast through the streets of the SoCal melting pot, a breakneck dark-comic neo-noir populated by misfits and malefactors, criminals and innocents, down-and-outers and spun-out dreamers.

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