Divorce of the Left & Right:  A Collection of Poetic Writing by AMS Golden

Divorce of the Left & Right: A Collection of Poetic Writing by AMS Golden

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About the Author

“Just Another New Jersey Author”

Born and raised in a port-town in New Jersey, AM has been writing for years. After being laid off of work in the middle of a global pandemic she took to writing out the thoughts she began having with her head and her heart on paper and created “Conversations from the Left, Right, and Heart”. In time, she hopes to share many more of her poetic pieces with the world.

AM does not call herself a poet. Her only hope in publishing this book was that maybe something she wrote (something she felt) would reach someone else who felt it too and suddenly… There was someone who understood. “Every word I wrote was for you. To help you feel less lonely or crazy. To help you through whatever you’re feeling. To let you know, I feel it too.”

Following 10+ years of emotional Conversations… between the Left Brain, Right Brain, and Heart, the only discussion left to be had is: Do the Left and Right Brain call it quits?

Or, is it possible they can finally agree and create a safe space for the Heart to grow up?

“Divorce of the Left & Right” is the follow-up to AMS Golden’s first book of poetry and verse. It follows the ongoing struggle of listening to and deciding what to follow– the rational Left Brain, the sensitive Right Brain, or the emotional Heart.

Book promo coming May 30 – June 12, 2022!