Earthbound by Fynn Perry

Earthbound by Fynn Perry

About the Author

Fynn Perry is a writer of genre-busting suspense thrillers––his work often incorporates elements of crime, mystery, fantasy or science fiction. He has been a partner in a real estate firm, a surveyor, and once inadvertently met a member of a New York City crime family. Born in London, he grew up on a diet of thriller books and action movies––some of James Bond’s early one-liners still making him smile today.

TO SAVE THE LIVING… HE MUST CHEAT THE DEAD… An evil intelligence inhabits the overlap between our world and the next. Can an ordinary guy outsmart it and stop its horrific contest with humanity?

John Logan has just moved to New York and met the love of his life when fate strikes a vicious blow. All at once they’re in the ER. It seems they are doomed to be apart. Until something extraordinary happens, and John realizes that he has left his comatose body and changed beyond all recognition.

Nobody can see him, nobody can hear him…except the spirits of the dead.

John can’t explain the frightening phenomena he is witnessing. Facing danger at every turn, his quest for answers and a way to escape his terrifying new reality, takes him deeper into a web of evil that crosses over to our world from the next.

Who is behind the dark forces that the spirits have warned him about and can their advice be trusted?

Or are the spirits just pawns in a sinister game that he and his girlfriend have become entangled in?

Genre: Supernatural Thriller
Pages: 448
Pub Date: March 9, 2021