Indigo Waters by Sandy Lo

Indigo Waters by Sandy Lo

About the Author

Sandy Lo is the author of 11 fiction books. While her stories can easily labeled romance, Sandy strives to go beyond that with often common themes of self-love and growth. 

A born and raised New Yorker, Sandy is known for picking up and finding new cities for inspiration. 

Along with being an author, Sandy is also the editor of StarShine Magazine and the president of Sandy Lo Media – an entertainment management, marketing, and design firm.

In 2021, Sandy is taking on a new venture: movie production! She is producing and co-wrote the screenplay for the horror film Reed’s Point. She is also currently writing the screenplay for her novel Dream Catchers and is excited to bring her book to the screen!

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Indigo Waters by Sandy Lo

Everyone fears something. What makes Cosette Hadley’s fear different from most is that it is also her greatest love, water.

As a child, she found solace in the water, but after a tragic boating accident, she hasn’t feared anything more.

Madeleine, Cosette’s sister, known as the wild child of her family, prided herself on being fearless and always searching for a good time. The two sisters couldn’t be more opposite.

After some unexpected news, the girls find themselves spending the summer living aboard a dive boat in the Bahamas with a family friend. After five years of not being in the water, Cosette finds herself confronted with the one thing she works so hard to avoid.

Fin Hughes, the Captain’s son, is tasked with the duty of getting her back into the water. Handsome and arrogant, Fin finds himself torn between the two sisters. Are his feelings for Cosette worth pursuing, or does he give into the flirtatious ways of Madeleine?

The Hadley sisters need to overcome personal obstacles. Will they finally realize they need each other to survive this summer?

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Available in Paperback, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited!