Tessa Goes Down by Jason Bovberg

Tessa Goes Down by Jason Bovberg

About the Author

Jason Bovberg is the author of Tessa Goes Down, Loser Baby, the Blood trilogy—Blood Red, Draw Blood, and Blood Dawn—and The Naked Dame. His forthcoming books are A Small Poisonous Act, a suburban crime novel, and Little Miss Nobody, a mystery novel based on a true crime. He is editor/publisher of Dark Highway Press, which published the controversial, erotic fairy tale Santa Steps Out and the weird western anthology Skull Full of Spurs. He lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, with his wife Barb, his daughters Harper and Sophie, and his canines Rocky and Rango. You can find him online at www.jasonbovberg.com.

Tessa Rae Jayne is gunnin’ for the border. Ain’t nothin’ gonna stop her, not after what she did for her brother Terrell, back home in Decatur, Illinois. A half hour from Mexico, though, she slams into good ol’ boy Floyd Tillman Weathers, a man with his own criminal secrets—not to mention a duffel bag full of stolen cash. Before long, the unlikely mismatched duo are on a wild, reckless trek across the southwest in search of a shared fever dream. But forces from each of their immediate pasts are in hot pursuit, and Tessa and Floyd will face a series of brutal challenges before they can find redemption and freedom.

Tessa Goes Down begins as a breakneck border noir and becomes a sweaty, sexy, chaotic road trip through Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico—a ferocious ride punctuated by kidnappings, close calls, cliffhangers, and hell-for-leather sleuthing. Sit back as Tessa and Floyd tell their respective tales—and hurtle toward a soul-shattering shock ending.

Genre: Dark Noir
Pub Date: August 2, 2021
Book Binge Date: July 31 – August 13, 2022