The Drop by John Anthony Miller

The Drop by John Anthony Miller

About the Author

John Anthony Miller writes all things historical—thrillers, mysteries, and romance. He sets his novels in exotic locations spanning all eras of space and time, with complex characters forced to face inner conflicts, fighting demons both real and imagined. Each of his nine novels are unique: a Medieval epic, two Jazz Age mysteries, a Cold-War thriller, a 1970’s cozy/romance, and four WWII thrillers, including the award-winning novel, When Darkness Comes. He lives in southern New Jersey with his family.

Havana, Cuba: 1958

Ariana Rojas is alluring, intelligent, sophisticated, and wealthy – at least until a brutal dictator steals the family fortune. Determined to get back what she lost, she joins the revolution, taking a job as a maid at the Paradise Hotel and Casino – just to make ends meet. It isn’t long before she hatches a clever scheme, the perfect crime, to recover what she once had while getting revenge at the same time.

Jimmy Foster is a wealthy American who spends weekends in Havana with his gorgeous wife Darlene. They befriend the casino manager, a mobster named Buddy Stefano, except Darlene becomes a little too friendly. Buddy, a loyal member of the Mafia, sends a briefcase full of money back to his mob bosses in the States every month.

Ariana finds out about the briefcase and, with help from her revolutionary friends, breaks into Stefano’s safe and steals it, finding a hundred thousand dollars in cash inside. But the money isn’t enough – not for all she has planned. So she kidnaps Jimmy Foster.

Harry Bennett is a mysterious man with a unique talent. He makes people disappear – in more ways than one. He could be a detective, FBI, Cuban police, an insurance investigator – no one knows for sure. But he finds a trail to Jimmy Foster.

Even with meticulous planning, Ariana makes one crucial mistake. She never dreams that Darlene Foster won’t pay the ransom. But with a missing husband and a huge inheritance, Darlene has options she likes a whole lot more.

Genre: Historical Fiction/Mystery/Thriller
Pub Date: June 14, 2022
Book Bomb Date: June 24, 2022