The Tears of a Woman by Tansy Boggon

The Tears of a Woman by Tansy Boggon

About the Author

Tansy Boggon is a non-fiction, fiction and children’s book author sharing stories and philosophies to help people break free of diet rules and false beliefs to enjoy food and be themselves without guilt and shame.
She is a university-qualified nutritionist, food writer and recipe developer who incorporates mindful eating, eating psychology and a non-diet approach into her writing.
Tansy is an Australian who now calls Christchurch, New Zealand home. She enjoys yoga, dancing, experimenting in the kitchen and outdoor adventures on foot and bike.
Tansy’s debut novel, The Weight of a Woman, precedes the events of The Tears of a Woman. She is also the author of the self-help bookJoyful Eating: How to Break Free of Diets and Make Peace with Your Body and the children’s bookThe Superheroes on Your Plate.
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Jenni knows there is more to life than what you weigh.

She has come to accept and care for her body without the expectation of weight loss. She eats, moves and lives to feel her most energetic and alive. Yet when she fails to conceive, Jenni begins to wonder if her body is the problem.

Jenni encounters weight bias as she investigates why she isn’t conceiving, which causes her to doubt herself. She again wonders, is her body truly broken? Is it her body that’s holding her back from becoming a mother?

Jenni comes to understand that no matter how hard we try or want something, we don’t necessarily control the outcome.

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