Trials of Fire and Rebirth by Edith Pawlicki

Trials of Fire and Rebirth by Edith Pawlicki

About the Author

With twenty-six first cousins and three older siblings, I grew up playing with all of them in the woods of Connecticut. I majored in computer science and Japanese and minored in history at the University of Rochester. After graduating, I taught English in Japan before moving to the Seattle suburbs, getting married, and earning my Masters in Teaching.

The birth of my twin sons in 2016 turned me into a full-time mother, and when they turned two, I resumed my hobby of writing because the characters and worlds occupying my head were keeping me awake at night! Vows of Gold and Laughter is my second published novel; the first was a YA dystopian called Minerva.


An immortal who can’t remember the past, and a god who’d do anything to forget it…

An Ning wakes with no memory of her past in a body that isn’t hers. As the centuries pass, she masters her immortal magic and makes a quiet life among mortals, but she remains afraid to be herself. And then a strange immortal drifts into her village, and An Ning finds a side of herself that she never knew existed.

Karana never wanted to be the God of Destruction, and after his family fell apart, he abandoned his mortal followers to wander the Earth. He is happy to be free of all responsibility – until he meets An Ning, a young immortal who arouses feelings that Karana thought he’d never feel again.

When cultists attack their home, An Ning and Karana must brave cursed temples and the depths of the Underworld.

For only by understanding the past can they build a better future.

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Page count: 355
Pub Date: June 14, 2022
Cover Reveal: April 13, 2022
Pub Day Posts: June 14, 2022
Month-Long Book Immersion: June 19 – July 18, 2022