When Darkness Comes by John Anthony Miller

When Darkness Comes by John Anthony Miller

About the Author

John Anthony Miller writes all things historical—thrillers, mysteries, and romance. He sets his novels in exotic locations spanning all eras of space and time, with complex characters forced to face inner conflicts, fighting demons both real and imagined. Each of his nine novels are unique: a Medieval epic, two Jazz Age mysteries, a Cold-War thriller, a 1970’s cozy/romance, and four WWII thrillers, including the award-winning novel, When Darkness Comes. He lives in southern New Jersey with his family.

Paris: 1942:

Three lives intertwined in Nazi-occupied Paris: Paul, a brooding banker whose family was killed by the Gestapo, Rachel, a teenage Jew who leads her family’s escape from the Germans, Claire, a demure bookstore owner who finds courage and conviction—all confronted by an infamous Nazi collaborator. 

In the sprawling network of catacombs underneath the Left Bank of Paris, they hide thousands of Jewish refugees, giving them new identities and leading them to safety. Together they move forward, outsmarting a ruthless enemy, overcoming obstacles, defying danger, moving farther and faster, almost invincible—until an innocent bystander notices something amiss and their entire world collapses around them.

Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 390
Pub Date: August 2, 2019
Book Bomb Date: March 25, 2022