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Author Testimonials

"By the Book Virtual Book Parties caught my eye when one of my favorite book bloggers participated in a tour with them. Impressed with that campaign, I reached out for my second book, Vows of Gold and Laughter, and discovered that Beth and Nicole are responsive, detail-oriented, and always pleasant! It was such a great experience that I had decided to do a Book Binge for my first novel with them. Once again, it was a wonderful experience and the giveaways they coordinated helped me hit a follower milestone. Now, it's easy to be cheerful and responsive when all is going well, but what has impressed me the most about Beth and Nicole is how they handle problems. Anytime there was a hiccup in the tour--a blogger not posting on time or an issue with a book shipment--they caught the problem before I did, took responsibility as far as they could, and resolved the situation quickly. They have by far the most reliable group of bloggers that I have experienced in book tours--you can count on all the posts appearing and most of the reviewers also post on Goodreads and Amazon. If you are looking to increase the visibility of your book and up your review count, I cannot recommend them highly enough!"
Edith Pawlicki
"Beth and Nicole are all-stars! They love what they do and it shows. They were passionate about sharing my book, The Point After, and did so with enthusiasm and made the whole process fun. They have great relationships with a number of bloggers and have created a beautiful community of readers. They are a joy to work with. Highly recommend! 5-star review!"
Sean Conley
The Point After
"Beth and Nicole of By the Book VBP are the most professional, kind and organized promoters I've worked with. They truly curate their bookstagram tour. matching your book with the right readers and reviewers. They keep on top of every review, reposting and commenting constantly about your book. They were continually enthusiastic and in contact with me throughout. I feel like I've been adopted by a whole new family of book lovers. I will definitely be working with them again for my next book release!"
Tavi Taylor Black
Where Are We Tomorrow?
"Exciting doesn’t even begin to describe it! It was such an honor and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Thank you so much for all your hard work and the dedication you put forth. It has been unmatched! You both are fantastic and you have a wonderful group working with you. I’m absolutely grateful. I saw quite a few people in comments taking interest and I can only hope they purchase for themselves and hopefully enjoy it just as much! It’s still so far-fetched to imagine people are reading my thoughts and not only able to find them “good” or “touching”, but to hear they relate is just... Wow! I’m doing what I set forth to do. Thank you both again and all of my other 11 readers."
AMS Golden
Conversations From the Left, Right & Heart Promo Party, March 2021
"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the work you've done in promoting and touring my book. I love the community you've created; they're more than just a collection of reviewers. It really helped me that you already had a roadmap of what you needed and when, so I could have everything prepared, and you rolled with the inevitable hiccups that cropped up. I really enjoyed working with you, so much so that I signed up for a tour of my next book! Thanks for building such a helpful community and guiding me through the process of promoting a book."
Steven J. Morris
The Guardian League Series
I think this picture, stolen from IG, showing both books,captures the kindness of this community.
"I am doing a book promo party with Beth and Nicole of By the Book and I'm blown away by how organized the month-long party has been and how much support I received from both of these ladies along with their awesome team of book reviewers/bloggers! It has been amazing to see all of the love for my book that is already translating to book sales for me and the party isn't even over! I'm already planning to have another book party with them because I'm so thrilled with their work! If you're an author looking for a great way to boost your book's visibility, By the Book VBP is the way to go!"
Sandy Lo
Dream Catchers

Touring in March

The Tears of a Woman by
Tansy Boggon

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Touring in April

Porch Music by Kathy Maresca

Genre: Women’s Fiction

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Go Back To Your Country (Or Stay & Defy All Odds) by Issa Musharbash
Book Merch: Pillows from Shady Nook Creations
Conversations from the Left, Right, & Heart by AMS Golden
The Kindness Workbook by Robin Raven
Minerva by Edith Pawlicki
The Point After by Sean Conley
Vows of Gold and Laughter by Edith Pawlicki
He Loves Me Not by Nenia Corcoran
Dream Catchers: A Rock Star Romance by Sandy Lo